Henderson-Johnson’s #1 priority is to the safety of our employees and creating a safe work environment.
Our culture focuses on a strong belief in an injury free workplace which starts with the Owners and includes each and every employee, every day.

Henderson-Johnson Safety Program highlights:

Safety orientation for all new employees
Substance abuse program
Continual training
All field employees earn the OSHA 10 Hour Construction Safety Certificate and every field Superintendent also earns the OSHA 30 Hour Certificate.
A behavior based safety incentive program
Hazard Communication Program

  • Jobsite Inspections
  • Henderson-Johnson employs a Safety Officer to perform frequent site safety visits. Our full time Safety Director is involved on every level of safety to ensure an updated and effective program.

  • Pre Planning and Safety Audits
  • Pre-Task Planning is performed daily on every job and Safety Audits are performed weekly or more as needed.

  • Accident investigation
  • Prompt attention is paid to the investigation of accidents to understand the causes and prevent future occurrences.

  • Training
  • Training starts at the new hire orientation process and continues on a regular basis. Topic specific training sessions, new product training and classes are scheduled regularly. Our annual company wide safety event brings field and office together for a full day of training, sharing ideas and planning.

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