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As an innovative commercial interior and exterior wall system contractor Henderson-Johnsons range of services in the interiors division include drywall, metal framing, acoustical ceilings, acoustical wall panels, and plaster. Henderson-Johnson excels at large complex projects where the quality of the end product is critical.

Henderson-Johnson offer customers a single point of contact for the entire building envelope including: exterior framing, insulation, sheathing, air and vapor barriers as well as exterior cladding. Our company has completed numerous projects using a range of exterior cladding systems including metal wall panels, insulated metal wall panels, terracotta, phenolic wall panels and composite panels.

Henderson-Johnson has been installing a variety of wall claddings since 2006. Including Insulated Metal Panels, Terra Cotta and Aluminum Composite. Henderson-Johnson and their wide variety of manufactures and fabricator’s has a solution and experience to complete your job on schedule and within budget. We service Upstate and Central New York areas surrounding Syracuse, Binghamton, Buffalo, Rochester, Utica, and Watertown.

  • Manufacturers of Insulated Metal Wall panels
    Benchmark, Kingspan, MBCI, Metl-Span
  • Manufacturers of Aluminum Composite Wall Panels
    Alucobond, Alucoil, Laminators, Reynobond
  • Manufacturers of High Pressure Laminates
    Fudermax, Parklex, Trespa
  • Manufactures of Single Skin Metal Wall Panels
    Atas, Firestone, MBCI, Merchant and Evans, Metal Sales, Morin and Petersen Aluminum
  • Manufacturers of Terra Cotta Wall Claddings
    Boston Valley and Telling Architectural

Henderson-Johnson Co., Inc. has been installing sprayed polyurethane foam and coatings since 1978. In that period we have installed over 30 million square feet of roofing and regularly receive quality and volume awards from the industry’s leading manufacturers. We have also received three industry awards from the Sprayed Polyurethane Foam Alliance (SPFA) trade organization. Henderson-Johnson Co., Inc has performed installations in New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maryland, Vermont, Connecticut, Rhode Island, New Hampshire and Massachusetts.
Sprayed Polyurethane Foam (SPF) Roofing

SPF roofs have the following advantages:

  • Proven – Used in commercial roofing for over 40 years
  • Lightweight – At 1-2 pounds per square foot, spf roofs are the lightest commercial roof system available
  • Seamless – No membrane seams that can fail, and no heat loss through insulation seams or fasteners.
  • Energy-efficient – At R-6.5 per inch of spf, this system is the most energy efficient commercial roof available
  • Renewable – SPF roofs can be recoated, allowing the warranty to be extended perpetually for much less than the original installation cost
  • Easy to maintain – Typically silicone caulk is all that is needed for most repairs
  • UL and FM approved

Roof Restoration Coatings offers the following advantages:

  • 100% seamless means no leaks
  • Completely encapsulates fasteners
  • Elasticity ensures no gaps in roof surface
  • Stops current and prevents future rusting
  • Extends the life of your existing roof: concrete, modified bitumen, single-ply, metal roof panel, and smooth BUR
  • Significantly lowers material and labor costs
  • Proven – Used as a commercial insulation for over 40 years
  • Seamless – No  heat loss through insulation seams or fasteners
  • Energy-efficient – At R-6.5 per inch of spf, this system is the most energy efficient insulation available
  • Added structural integrity to structure
  • No sagging like many other insulation systems
  • Improves comfort and indoor air quality

Henderson-Johnson has been installing a variety of metal roofing systems since 2006.  Our state of the art full service sheet metal shop has the capabilities of forming standard and custom trims. We service Upstate and Central New York areas surrounding Syracuse, Binghamton, Buffalo, Rochester, Utica, and Watertown.

Henderson-Johnson has the capabilities of roll forming two types of metal roofing with our portable roll former:  1 ½”mechanically seamed and 1 ¾” snap seams. Weathertightness and finish warranties available. Available in aluminum, steel and copper. (up to 22 gauge)

  • Manufacturers of metal roofing systems.
    Atas, Drexel, Fabral, MBCI, Merchant and Evans, Metals Sales, Morin, Petersen Aluminum
  • Manufacturers of Insulated metal roofing systems
    Kingspan, Metl-Span
  • Copper Roof
    Standing seam; mechanically seamed, flat lock and snap seams.
  • Shingles
    Asphalt; GAF, Tamko, CertainTeed,

Gypsum concrete (Gyp-Crete) is a building material used as a floor underlayment in wood frame and concrete construction for purposes of fire ratings, sound reduction, radiant heating and floor leveling.  Henderson Johnson Company represents Maxxon Corporation in the Central and Upstate NY areas.

Lightweight concrete is created by using lightweight aggregates and its general characteristics are thermal insulation, fire insulation, durability, rain penetration, water absorption and acoustic properties.  Self-Leveling Underlayment is a cement-based underlayment that self levels.   The underlayment is excellent for smoothing and flattening interior surfaces before installing floor coverings.  Use over concrete, wood, tile, and terrazzo.

Loadmaster is an engineered roof deck system composed of  high tensile steel sections with thermal insulation and high performance Duraflex Mineral Board mechanically anchored to the steel sections with engineered attachments to provide structural composite strength. With engineered and tested structural composite action, the roof deck provides outstanding gravity load capacity; wind uplift resistance and diaphragm shear strength, which stabilizes the building under wind and seismic loads.  The substrate’s resistance to high wind reduces expansion and contraction of the roof substrate, thus reducing stresses on roof coverings and potentially  increasing the life span of the roof covering.  Loadmaster is used in both flat and sloped structures with all types of roof coverings.

The Raised Access Floor Division at Henderson-Johnson Co., Inc. has over 35 years of Industry experience furnishing and installing Raised Access Flooring throughout New York State.

Henderson-Johnson Co., Inc. represents Tate Access Floors Inc. the largest manufacturer of access floors in the world with over 600 million square feet of installations worldwide.  Tate Access Floors are American made in Red Lion, PA and Jessup, MD.

Typical Raised Floor applications include:

I Data Center

Mission Critical Data Centers utilize Tate Raised Access Floors to accommodate the large volume of data cables and variable high heat loads generated in the modern Data Center environment.

The use of Tate Raised Access Flooring within the Data Center environment can provide flexible,adaptable, scalable, and efficient In-Floor cooling solutions with energy efficient air flow containment design.

Tate offers Hot or Cold Aisle Containment solutions for Data Centers through the Tate line of ContainAire Doors, Partitions, and Aisle Roofing Partitions.

II  Office Building

Tate Raised Access Floor Systems utilized within new general office construction or renovation of existing structures design can provide flexible, adaptable, and sustainable solutions.

The underfloor plenum space created by an access floor system can be utilized for the underfloor distribution of power, data, and HVAC infrastructure much more efficiently than conventional overhead distribution systems.

The use of an access floor can also contribute to LEED Certification of new or renovation construction projects in several categories including Energy/Atmosphere (EA), Materials/Resources (MR), Indoor Environmental Quality (EQ), and Innovation in Design (ID).

III Casinos

Casino applications require the same flexible, adaptable, and sustainable solutions as the General Office applications with the added requirement of 24/7 – 365 operations.

The Gaming Industry is constantly evolving as are the requirements for power, data, and cooling.

An access floor within a Casino application provides the owner with flexibility to cost effectively enhance the consumer gaming experience in a highly competitive industry.

Henderson-Johnson Co., Inc. furnishes and Installs Tate Raised Access Floor Systems throughout  New York State with the exception of New York City and the immediate surrounding counties. Please visit Tate Access Floors at www.tateinc.com for more information on Tate Access Floors applications, finishes, air optimization, and containment solutions.

The Storage Solutions Division at Henderson Johnson helps people and businesses manage their space, time, and efficiency.  An important first step for our professional sales team in the process of serving you is to listen to your needs. Businesses have specific obstacles, goals and budgets when it comes to storage and work performance and Henderson Johnson is here to help.  The markets we serve are Athletics, Business, Education, Government, Healthcare, Industrial, Libraries, Military, Museums, and Public Safety.

The Spacesaver Corporation product lines consist of 4-post metal shelving, cantilever shelving, wide-span shelving, wire shelving, evidence lockers, personal duty lockers, gun storage, military grade weapon racks, high-density mobile shelving, industrial mobile racking, industrial storage cabinets and drawers, museum grade cabinets, and plastic storage bins.

Spacesaver offers museum quality storage by Viking. Included in their line are Archival, Art, Entomology, Herbarium, Historical, NPS/Geology, Nitrate Film, Paleontology, Vertebrate, Wet Storage, Zoology, and Custom needs.

We use these innovative products from Spacesaver Corporation combined with our in-house design technology to provide a tailor fit solution, maximizing your workplace square footage.

Spacesaver Corporation offers pricing with New York State Contract, GSA Contract, NJPA, and Healthcare GPO’s including Amerinet, Magnet, Med Assets, Novation, and Premier.

Our stainless steel Modular Cabinetry products from Steel Solutions  address the ever changing needs in the healthcare and business markets.  Casework designed to be reusable when reconfigurations and expansions happen in your workplace.  No need to throw out and start from scratch, “go green” and simply reconfigure to meet your changing needs.

Our in-house designer provides unique solutions to fit your specific needs.  Whether we incorporate existing products with new or design with completely new products the result is sure to please.  Our outstanding installation crew will successfully implement your custom design in a professional and timely manner.

We cover Sales and Service for the Upstate and Central New York areas surrounding Syracuse, Binghamton, Buffalo, Rochester, Utica and Watertown.

Please visit www.spacesaver.com and www.steelsolutionsusa.com to learn more.

The Operable Partition division at Henderson Johnson was established in 1997. We represent   Advanced Equipment Corporation, a well-established manufacturer that began in 1957.  Operable Partition Walls provide separation for interior spaces in areas such as conference rooms, gymnasiums, offices, theaters, warehouses to name a few.  There are many options to select from when using operable walls.  These options allow you to design a custom solution that meet your functional, aesthetic and budgetary needs.  Sound Transmission Classes or STC; help to meet your noise rating requirements. Wall finishes such as vinyl wall covering, woven fabric, wall carpet; wood veneers, plastic laminate, paint, glass, and chalk or marker board make it easy to compliment your existing interior design.  In addition, accessories such as pocket doors and pass doors are available as well as custom needs requirements.

Our office will work with you and the manufacturer to design your unique solutions.  From new product to reconfiguration of existing, our outstanding installation crew will successfully implement your custom design in a professional and timely manner.

We cover sales, service and safety inspections for the Upstate and Central NY areas surrounding Syracuse, Albany, Binghamton, Buffalo, Rochester, Utica, and Watertown.

Please visit www.advancedequipment.com to learn more.

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